Adaptive Bicycle Program Offered at Kubat

Omaha is a great community to bicycle. Many of our patients with disabilities do not have the opportunity to bike whether it’s due to cost or availability of the products. Kubat Pharmacy will soon be offering rental and purchase options for hand bikes.

Hand bikes are adaptive bicycles that allow cyclist with disabilities affecting their lower extremities to propel a bike using their arms.

” In Omaha, there aren’t any providers who offer this type of service and we’re excited to launch this program. We believe anyone who is wheelchair bound deserves to experience mobility outside of a wheelchair.” Said Greg Atkins, Rehab Director Kubat Pharmacy.

Kubat Pharmacy hand bike program has daily and weekly rental rates with delivery or pick up options. Bikers can choose between three models, two adults bikes and one child model. The easy to use models are perfect for therapy or recreation. Contact our rehab department for more information at (402) 315-1959.