Kubat Pharmacy Opens Mobility Center

Keeping Customers on the Move

Kubat Pharmacy has opened a brand new division the Mobility Center. The new showroom and service location at 4920 Center Street specializes in complex rehabilitative power wheelchairs and other high-quality mobility products. Complex wheelchairs are individually configured and require a clinical team to provide an evaluation and fitting. Complex rehab has a host of benefits allowing the end-user to live a more active and independent life.

“Since 1935 the one constant has always been we are a customer-oriented company. With improved design of complex rehabilitative wheelchairs, we felt it was imperative to expand and offer even more selection for the unique needs of our customers.” Said Matt Kubat, owner Kubat Pharmacy.

Kubat Mobility Center draws from hundreds of mobility products and manufacturers and customizes wheelchairs to ensure proper body alignment, pressure relief, fit and function. The accessibility solutions focus on adult, bariatric and pediatric wheelchairs, scooters and power mobility.

“Everything was considered when designing the outside and inside of the Mobility Center showroom to make it fully accessible to those using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Customers will find when they come into our store it has everything they need to make it a truly accessible retail space.” Said Greg Atkins, Assistive Technology Professional, Kubat Mobility Center.

Individuals who benefit from complex rehab equipment include those with a progressive or degenerative neuromuscular disease, or those with limited functional capabilities due to an injury. An Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) custom fabricates
wheelchairs using specialized cushions, metalworking and stitching.

Kubat Mobility store hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store tagline is “Life moves too fast to slow down.”

About Kubat Pharmacy, Inc.
For more than 80 years, three generations of the Kubat family have owned and operated Kubat Pharmacy, Inc. Today, two Kubat brothers and a dedicated staff carry on the tradition of meeting the needs of our customers by providing exceptional access to care and compassionate service.