Purchase Vitamins Online

Kubat Pharmacy now offers an easy way to purchase your supplements online through a reputable company, Wellevate.  Unlike other sites, where you can never be sure just what you’re getting, how old it is, or where it’s been stored – Kubat Pharmacy through Wellevate helps you rest easy knowing you’re always getting the freshest and highest-quality vitamin and supplements.

Purchasing through our new dispensary, Wellevate offers the following:

  • Fast shipping right to your door
  • Free shipping on all orders of $49 or more!
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements – know you are getting the highest-quality vitamins and supplements.

To shop, simply create a free account (you do not need to enter payment info, only name, and email).

Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to view your favorite products, simply enter the product name in the search bar.

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