Breast Pumps

Insurance coverage changes from year to year and you may now be covered.

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Breastpumps and Supplies

Kubat Pharmacy provides mom friendly breastpumps and supplies.  As an in-network provider with many insurance companies we submit the claim to insurance so you won’t need to hassle with paperwork. Leaving you more time to focus on your growing family.

How to Get a Breastpump Covered Through Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (2010) requires health plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies.  Since plans vary certain criteria must be met for services to be covered.

Step One: Contact your insurance company and ask if they cover the billing code *E0603 (for a double electric breastpump). They’ll give you a list of pharmacies, durable medical equipment companies and other suppliers who are in-network.

Step Two: From the list of in-network providers choose your supplier.

Step Three: Call your OBGYN and have them write or call in a prescription for a breastpump to the provider of your choosing. The prescription for the breastpump must be in your name- not the baby’s name.

Step Four: Pick up your breastpump

What breastpump can I receive?

Kubat Pharmacy is an authorized Medela dealer.  We provide breastpumps available for rental or purchase. You may be eligible for the Medela Pump In Style

Advanced Breastpump Starter Set (57081)

-Double-electric modular breastpump

-2-Phase Expression technology is proven to produce more milk in less time

-Daily use-designed for moms who pump several times a day

*When pumping at maximum comfort vacuum in the expression phase.

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