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Kubat Pharmacy carries  the most
reliable, durable, and sought after stair lifts on the market.

Stair Lifts

Have trouble getting up and down stairs?  Kubat Pharmacy has stair lifts to fit your everyday needs.  Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.  We work with any type of stair case.  Fill out the form below for a no obligation in home stair lift evaluation or contact our mobility specialists at (402) 315-1930

Have Questions? See our frequently asked questions

Will the Stair Lift damage my staircase?

Kubat Pharmacy stair lifts do not require greasing. Other stair lift brands require greasing twice a year in order to work properly. Grease is damaging to wood floors and carpeting. Before you buy ask the stair lift vendor if your stair lift will require greasing.

What information is needed for a quote?

We’ll schedule an in home evaluation with one of our Mobility Specialists.  At this meeting we’ll take measurements of your staircase to determine what length and type of stair lift will work best for your family.

Does insurance cover the cost?

Private insurance and Medicare do not cover the cost of a Stair Lift.  We can discuss finance options or let you know of any funding sources available.

How long does installation take?

Depending on if we have the product in stock and our scheduling we can have your stair lift installed in 2 hours or less.

Do you rent stair lifts or offer used models for purchase?

Yes, we provide rental options and used models for purchase.   Contact our mobility specialists for more information (402) 315-1930

Helix Curved Stair Lift
Custom built slim design for curved stair cases.

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Pinnacle SL300
Patented drive system is different from all others on the market.

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Pinnacle SL600
The world’s most compact stair lift. Offering a 350lb capacity.

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Pinnacle SL600 Heavy Duty
Industry leading stair lift with 600lbs capacity.

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Outdoor Stair Lift SL350D
Engineered with durable aluminum track and marine grade vinyl seating.

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Sierra Platform Lift IL500
Ideal for transporting a user and their manual wheelchair up a straight stairway.

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