Long-term Care Pharmacy

With over 40 years of combined experience, our Long-Term Care pharmacy leaders are here to provide you the best level of service.

How We Help

We strive to offer the best service in long-term care facilities because we value the health of your residents & patients.

We will help control costs while providing outstanding access to our prescription and medication consultation services. Our goal is to ensure each resident receives the care we would want for our own family members.


Our Difference

Our primary focus is on personalized care and patient health. By developing a rapport with our care communities, we can ensure optimal health and exceptional quality of life. We offer the following services to assure the health and wellness of your residents, as well as peace of mind for you:

More than a Pharmacy
Kubat HealthCare offers pharmacy and respiratory services for your residents.

Prescription Refills
Orders can be made by phone or fax, and pharmacists are available 24/7 to fill any emergency orders. We do not charge for replacement doses.

We offer a full spectrum of products, services and continuous training necessary to support your patients and your team. Our goal is to improve your patients overall health by improving breathing and sleeping patterns.

  • 24/7 Access to Pharmacists
    Medication consultation with the Kubat HealthCare team to address questions, or concerns of your residents.
  • Free Delivery
    We offer multiple daily deliveries, at no-additional charge!
  • Subscription Service
    Through our ProActive Living program, we are able to offer subscription service on reoccurring medical supplies.
  • Cost Savings
    We work alongside facilities to reduce cost without diminishing service.
Kubat HealthCare's long term care has exceptional service with lower costs, 24/7 personal care and medical consultations

Our locations offering Long-Term Care