CPAP & BiLevel

CPAP/BiLevel Overview

Sleep is essential just like food and water.  Lack of sleep doesn’t just cause us to be groggy, cranky and put a strain on personal relationships.  It can cause long term effects that can lead to life threatening chronic conditions.

CPAP BiLevel Process

  1. Your doctor will order a sleep test
  2. If diagnosed with OSA then your doctor will send an order over to Kubat Pharmacy for a CPAP or BiLevel
  3. If your insurance requires a prior authorization Kubat will reach back out to your doctor. If no prior authorization is needed then we’ll contact you directly to set up a mask fitting.
  4. At your mask fitting you’ll meet with a respiratory therapist who will fit you for a mask and show you how to use your CPAP / BiLevel machine. This appointment will take around an hour. If you’re unhappy with how your mask fits within the first 30 days contact us and we’ll refit you for another mask. We understand that in order for you to be compliant you need to be comfortable. And that is ultimately our goal.

Recommended replacement schedule for CPAP supplies

The below is based on Medicare and private insurance companies. The CPAP supplies listed may be billed to your insurance. However, you are responsible for all co-pays and deductibles.

  • CPAP Mask

    - Allow 1 mask with headgear every 6 months
    - Allow 2 nasal cushions per month
    - Allow 1 full face cushion per month

  • Chin Strap

    - Allow 1 every 6 months

  • CPAP Filters

    - Allow 2 disposable per month

  • CPAP Tubing

    - Allow 1 every 3 months

  • Humidifier Chamber

    - Allow 1 every 6 months

    Refill CPAP Supplies

Other Respiratory Services

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Refill CPAP Supplies