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Explore a variety of resources provided to our customers.

Product Resources

  • Insurance Documentation Checklists

    View documentation checklists created to help suppliers ensure all applicable documentation is readily available as part of Medicare claims payment and processing activities.

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Respiratory Resources

  • CPAP Supplies Replaced

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  • Mesothelioma Veterans Center

    Mesothelioma is an aggressive, incurable, and rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Over 100,000 Americans have died from mesothelioma in the past 30 years, including over 30,000 U.S. veterans. There are VA benefits available for veterans diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, including disability and VA health care.

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  • Mesothelioma Cancer Support is an advocacy and support group dedicated to providing all the latest in cancer research, treatment, and aid. Our team has worked diligently with health professionals to compile fact-checked and physician approved information regarding this disease and how it affects the body and how it can be treated.

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