ProActive Living

Our ProActive Living (PAL) is a custom re-supply service that provides peace of mind, convenience and ease of ordering to help you weather life’s storms. We have expert PAL specialists who are available to answer questions, provide advice, manage any necessary documentation, and recommend other products to improve your quality of life.

ProActive Living features include:

  • Call, email and/or text reminders when supplies are eligible for refill
  • Ability to sync all your eligible supplies together to save you time and lower your chance of supply shortage
  • We bill your insurance
  • Orders are fulfilled via ProActive prime shipping, standard delivery or pick up
  • Supplies are packed and shipped to your door
  • And many more features to provide peace of mind!

How to enroll in ProActive Living:

  • Step 1: Get a prescription from your doctor for your medical supplies
  • Step 2: Have your doctor fax the prescription and documentation to (402) 315-1948
  • Step 3: Our ProActive Living team will work with you on getting your supplies ordered and setup for refills

Eligible Supplies


Masks, cushions, chin straps, tubing, filters, humidification chambers, etc.


Catheters, collection bags, lubrication, extension tubing, irrigation, etc.


Wafers, pouches, belts, paste, wipes, deodorizer, overnight collection, etc.


Pull-on underwear, tabbed briefs, insert pads, underpads, gloves, etc.

Oral Supplements

High quality hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements are free of fillers, coatings, binders, allergens, artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oil.


Beatrice RX Refills/Transfers

Refill Ostomy Supplies

Refill CPAP Supplies

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